Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mediterranean Fusion Cuisine

Mediterranean Fusion is a great little place in San Carlos that has really good Mediterranean food. They also make these fun lattes with artistic flair!


karen said...

I indeed have to admit that i am in love with mediterranean fusion cuisine. the reasons are quite obvious, freshness and the taste is to die for. this resturant is my healthy choice and my favorite place to eat or just to heng out for their delicious cup of coffee. This would be my first choice to take my family, my date, or my co-workers. The fact that the place is so "homie feeling" and the staff are so friendly, i always feel welcomed here! if you havent gone to try their food or coffee you seriously dont know what your missing out on!! go try it....what are you waiting for...go!...go! GO!

karen said...

oh and one more thing, THIS PLACE AND THE STAFF ARE VERY CLEAN! and thats a big thing to me. i seriously wouldnt eat at a dirty reaturant or with dirty staff!